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World Engine

The World Engine was an ancient piece of Kryptonian technology designed to terraform an uninhabited or inhabited world into one with an identical atmosphere and land to that of the planet Krypton.


World Engines were built thousands of years ago when Krypton was looking to expand across the universe, and they were sent on thousands of scout ships in a massive terraforming project.

After Krypton was destroyed, General Zod and his small band of survivors, traveling through space since the end of their world, came across one of the ancient Kryptonian settlements; while they found no fellow survivors, they did find a World Engine and attached it to the Black Zero before heading to Earth.

Later, after being defeated in battle by Kal-El, an angered Zod ordered for the World Engine to be released to begin terraforming Earth into a new Krypton. Kal-El flew to the Indian Ocean and began attacking the World Engine as it started the terraforming process. The World Engine's defenses began attacking Kal-El who, fortunately, managed to destroy the World Engine before heading off to Metropolis to destroy the Black Zero and stop Zod once and for all.


  • The World Engine is capable of landing speeds up to mach 24.

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