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United States of America Armed Forces is the military that protects the United States of America. It consists of the Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard.

Known PersonalEdit


Lt. General Swanwick

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  • Superman - A powerful alien being that protects the planet in co-operation with the armed forces.

Former PersonalEdit


When an Oil Rig off the coast of the United States had a major fire ablaze and in danger and big explosion, the US Coast Guard was called for a search and rescue mission. A Sikorsky Jayhawk was deployed and landing on the helipad of the rig where survivors where ushered aboard the helicopter. A piece of rigging nearly fell on the helicopter but was held up by a strange man who held it long enough for the copter to get safe before the rig exploded.

Aliens contact Earth

An Alien message was picked up that revealed the existence of beings from another world. The message sent by General Zod was asking for a being called Kal-El to be handed into his custody otherwise the world would suffer consequences.


Superman meets the army

One of the aliens, the one called Kal-El later approached Peterson Air Force Base and gave himself up. Taken into custody and put into an interrogation room, watched by General Swanwick and Dr Emil Hamilton. He revealed his powers to them and told them that he isn't going to be controlled by them because they wouldn't be able to and that he is not their enemy. A military force watched as Kal-El along with Lois Lane boarded a ship.

When powerful Alien beings began fighting each other in the small rural of Smallville, US Army and Air Force troops were deployed to take out the Alien beings in an effort led by Colonel Hardy. Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II's were deployed to the scene providing air support but were taken out during the fight by the vastly superior Alien beings. Ground troops were deployed but their ammo had no effect on the beings who destroyed most of the street and vehicles. The fight broke off with the alien beings splitting up.

When a huge craft landed on the city of Metropolis and began to emit a large gravity beam into the city beginning to destroy it. F-35's were deployed to take out the craft but gravity around the ship was distorted and disturbed equipment and instruments. The alien craft was eventually destroyed by Col. Hardy creating a black hole with use of Kal-El's Spaceship when crashed into the Black Zero. The hole created a temporary link to the Phantom Zone sucking all in.

Base of OperationsEdit



Army vehicles


Air Force vehicles


Air Force

Coast Guard




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