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Official name: Smallville
Created by: Ezra Small
Appearances: Man of Steel
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


Milky Way

Star System:





United States of America





Smallville is a small farming town in the state of Kansas, United States of America.


Smallville was founded by Ezra Small in 1862.

In 1980, a small Alien spacecraft crash landed in the rural town. The ship was found by Jonathan Kent and his wife Martha Kent who opened the ship to find a small Human looking boy, actually the Kryptonian Kal-El. They took in the boy and at first secretly raised him before publically raising him as an adopted son, naming him Clark Kent.

In 1993, a school bus containing Clark Kent, Pete Ross, Lana Lang and Whitney Fordham crashed over the side of a bridge into the river. Clark Kent using his Super Strength pushed the bus out of the water.

In 1997 a large tornado swept through the town damaging properties and cars and killed people including Jonathan Kent.

In 2013, General Zod and his followers arrive in Smallville in search of the Growth Codex. They go the the Kent Farm and threaten Martha for the location of it when Kal-El comes stop them. Faora-Ul and Nam-Ek then fought Kal-El throughout the town, destroying most of it in the process. With the help of the military, Kal-El defeats the two and they retreat.

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  • Smallville has a community extending approximately 63 square miles from the town centre.
  • The real world setting for Smallville was Plano, IL.

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