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Real name: Kelex


House of El


Jor-El (master)
Lara Lor-Van (master)


Gender - N/A
Height - 3'2
Weight - 215lbs
Eyes - Brown
Hair - N/A

Portrayed by:

Rondel Reynoldson


Man of Steel

Kelex was a service robot for the House of El on the planet Krypton.


Kelex was created on the planet Krypton as a service robot. He was chosen to serve the House of El and worked for in a close relationship with its master Jor-El.

Kelex along with Kelor helped Jor-El in Lara Lor-Van giving birth to Kal-El.

When Jor-El travelled to Kandor to convince the Law Council to evacuate Krypton, General Zod declared his takeover of the planet and had Jor-El taken away. Kelex stopped Zod's men causing a distraction allowing Jor-El to sudbue the two as Kelex directed him to more approaching. Kelex then transmitted to Lara so Jor-El could inform her to begin launch preperations for Kal-El's Spaceship before it followed its master outside to witness Zod's forcing at war with Krypton.

Kelex located the Growth Codex within the Central Hub for Jor-El.

After Jor-El died, Kelex accompanied Lara to Zod's trial where they were sentenced to the Phantom Zone.

Kelex and Kelor then stayed with Lara as Krypton imploded.


  • Flight - Kelex's way of moving around is by flying

Kelex is able to transmit messages across Krypton to other service robots and devices through the use of its Metallic Liquid face.


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