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Hal Jordan
Real name: Harold Jordan
Aliases: Hal Jordan
Green Lantern


Ferris Aircraft
Green Lantern Corps
Justice League



Gender - Male
Height - 6'2
Weight - 186lbs
Eyes - Brown
Hair - Brown

Portrayed by:


Justice League

Harold "Hal" Jordan is a Test Pilot for Ferris Aircraft from Coast City, the Green Lantern of Sector 2814 and member of the Justice League.

Jordan was chosen as a worthy successor to Green Lantern Abin Sur who died after crashing to Earth becoming the first human ever selected to join the Green Lantern Corps.




Hal has no physical "Super Powers" and is as normal as every other human.

Psychologically, Hal is one of the strongest beings in the universe which is why he was chosen as the first human Green Lantern, having an "Indominatable Will". When commanding a Green Power Ring, Hal is supremely powerful. Also, being from Earth where there is a massive culture compared to other planets, Hal's imagination also allows him to create constructs other Aliens cannot. The Power Ring enables Hal to create a Green Aura that surrounds his body and transforms his clothing into Green Lantern attire. It also enables Hal to create any construct that he can imagine, fly and enter hyperspace and also create almost impenetrable force fields.


Hal's main weakness is when he not in possession of his ring, meaning he is just as vulnerable to physical attacks as every other human. When in possession of the ring though, few things are able to stop the green energy released from his ring. Other energies from the emotional spectrum can effect Hal's ring and can nullify it, such as the colour Yellow which is the green energy of willpower has no effect against, unless in large amounts. Another weakness is that Hal's ring has to be charged by using a Green Power Battery otherwise the ring will lose its charge and will be rendered useless when out of energy.



Due to the 2011 Green Lantern Film's underperformed box office and negative reception, this version of Hal Jordan will be a Rebooted version of the Character.

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