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This page is dedicated to all Rumors regarding the film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.


  • DEBUNKED! Snyder would like Mark Strong for Lex Luthor. [1][2][3]
  • DEBUNKED! Tyler Hoechlin is a leading contender for the role of Bruce Wayne / Batman. [4]
  • CONFIRMED The Studio are looking at older actors in their 40's for Batman like Josh Duhamel, Jude Law, Gerard Butler, Josh Brolin, Jon Hamm, Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck and Jim Caviezel. [5][29] (Ben Affleck was confirmed to play Bruce Wayne/Batman)
  • CONFIRMED The studio are also looking at Joe Manganiello, Richard Armitage, Max Martini, Matthew Goode, Wes Bentley, Jake Gyllenhaal, Luke Evans and Ben Affleck as contenders for the part of Batman.[6][7] (Ben Affleck was confirmed to play Bruce Wayne/Batman)
  • DEBUNKED! Synder is considering Jeffrey Dean Morgan for Batman.[8]
  • DEBUNKED! Bryan Cranston is rumor for Lex Luthor.[3][9][10]
  • DEBUNKED Martial Artist/Actor Scott Adkins claims to have auditioned for the role of Batman.
  • DEBUNKED! Orlando Bloom is the top contender for Batman. [11]
  • Bryan Cranston is the top contender for the role of James Gordon.
  • DEBUNKED! Timothy Dalton is being eyed for Alfred.[12]
  • CONFIRMED Jaimie Alexander is talking with the studio for a role in the film. (Passed on the project) [13][14][15][16]
  • CONFIRMED Olga Kurylenko, Gal Gadot and Elodie Yung are being tested for Wonder Woman.[17][18][19] (Gal Gadot was cast in the role)
  • Adam Driver, Penn Badgley and Ezra Miller are the front-runners for Dick Grayson. (Ezra Miller was cast in the role of Barry Allen/ the Flash.)[20][21][22]
  • DEBUNKED! Terry O'Quinn and Tom Hanks are up for Lex Luthor.[23][24][25]
  • The studio wants Callan Mulvey for a villain role.[26]
  • DEBUNKED! Denzel Washington is being consider to play Lex Luthor.
  • DEBUNKED! Joaquin Phoenix is being consider to play Lex Luthor.[27]
  • CONFIRMED! Jason Momoa is in talks for a role.[28]
  • Denzel Washington is now being considered for John Stewart/Green Lantern.[29]
  • Dwayne Johnson may be cast as Martian Manhunter, John Stewart/Green Lantern, Darkseid or Black Adam or Shazam. (Dwayne Johnson was cast as Black Adam.)[30][31][32][33][34][35][36]
  • Josh Holloway is up for a role. [37]
  • DEBUNKED! Ben Affleck may quit the film.[38][39][40]
  • Matthew Goode is in talks for a role as either Aquaman or Metallo. [41][42]
  • Synder is eyeing Michael B. Jordan for a role.[43]
  • DEBUNKED! Michael Rosenbaum would like be play either The Flash or The Joker.[44]
  • Eliza Dushku and Anne Hathaway may like to reprise the Catwoman role.[45][46]
  • CONFIRMED! Jason Momoa has been cast in the film which may be Aquaman or Lobo. (Jason Momoa will be portraying Aquaman.)[47][48]
  • Adrien Brody is interested in playing the Joker.[49]
  • DEBUNKED! Callan Mulvey may be playing The Joker.[50]
  • Emily Blunt is up for a role as Catwoman.[51][52]
  • UFC fighter Tyron Woodley is interested in a role.[53]
  • CONFIRMED! Jason Momoa will be portraying Aquaman after all. [54][55]
  • Scoot McNairy may be playing Dick Grayson/Nightwing, The Flash, Green Lantern, Shazam or Martian Manhunter.[56][57][58][59]
  • Benedict Cumberbatch will appear in the film.[60]
  • Jena Malone will appear as either Carrie Kelley or Barbara Gordon.[61][62]
  • Jena Malone will play Kahina [63][64][65]
  • Michael Shannon may return as Zod.[66]
  • Dan Amboyer who's in the film as a pilot drome is cast as Hal Jordan.[67]


  • CONFIRMED Kryptonite will be featured in the sequel.
  • CONFIRMED The writers will address why nobody recognises Clark Kent as Superman.
  • CONFIRMED Batman will be a "tired, weary, and seasoned crime fighter".[68]
  • CONFIRMED Batman's origins will be featured. (There is a scene which shows the death of the Waynes.) [69]
  • The Batmobile will be a Cadillac. [70]
  • Batman's cowl will be based on Batman: Noël and Batsuit will be grey or blue.[71][72][73]They have it the grey and black version of the Bat-suit has white and black plating with black undercloth revealed at the joints.[74]
  • Superman will have to deal with the effects of killing Zod.[75]
  • Batman will not be on speaking terms with Robin/Nightwing.
  • Batman will be a semi-retired recluse using drones to fight crime instead of his body.
  • The batsuit from the brief look the source had at some concept art was dark grey with black cape, cowl and boots. Description by either the writers or artist at the side read: "Kevlar weaved mesh fabric. Glider cape (source believes similar to that which was used in Nolan Trilogy/Arkham games). Advanced lightweight military grade boots. Custom made cowl with intercom system."[76]
  • The Batsuit won't expect any shade of blue or tights for the Batsuit. More armor with Beyond and or Kingdom Come capabilities. [77]
  • DEBUNKED! Wonder Woman will be a Kryptonian descendant.[78]
  • Wonder Woman's outfit will consist of Armor, Not the Lynda Carter itty bitty outfit. [79]Some details on the Wonder Woman costume include it will be similar to 300 and Greek Mythology. The Golden Eagle breast plate is still there as are the bracelets on her wrists as well as the crown with a red torso top, which is more like protective thick leather armor and red knee high boots. There are about 40 different versions designed all with different bottoms. Some of the designs had the classic pants look, trousers, skirts, everything. The one chosen is a sort of dark blue skirt with a belt around the top where a sword and lasso hang from. The source also believes Wonder Woman will have a round gold and black shield and possibly a red cape that sits to the right hand side. [80] Wonder Woman's costume will be from the 600 issue and modern but will have stating loyal from the comics.[81]
  • Some story elements for the film are said to include the fallout from the destruction in Metropolis and public opinion. These are things that people felt were missing from Man of Steel that were left out deliberately to be included in the sequel.[80]
  • The villians are Lex Luthor and Metallo.
  • Batman forms a UN type deal to stop Superman from destroying another city.
  • Aquaman is in it, but not called Aquaman. He’s there because the world engine in the ocean did something to the fish.
  • Wonder Woman poses as a Wayne Enterprises investor to retrieve an item that belongs to her people.
  • Lex Luthor is in the shadows a lot, a manipulator. Not much face time with Superman.
  • Robin betrayed Batman at some point, leading to a falling out between them.
  • The Batcave was super cool looking, and the mobile looked similar to Burton’s
  • Lois is investigating Lex.
  • Metallo “kills” Clark
  • The Daily Planet is bought by Lex Luthor for PR purposes
  • At the end Superman is living in exile, and the Justice League is an government approved superhero team.[82]
  • Lex is the richest man on the planet who became a self made billionaire at 18. Lex is currently the CEO of Lexcorp who is one part tech genius, one part ruthless business man and two parts Metropolis street tough. Yes, street tough.
  • At 14 Lex was living on the streets and for survival was initiated into a street gang. [83]
  • Clark Kent will be devastated after the fall of metropolis and as a result, he will send himself to exile. Lex Luther teams up by another villain character to hunt Superman in their mission to kill him.
  • Metallo apparently possesses kryptonite and as the pair of villains unite, Superman's life is plunged into danger.
  • Batman will be the one to come to the rescue and try to save  Superman.[84]
  • Lexcorp will be a young, edgy company. Think of it as a .com or Google type workplace. It’s a smart company with a stylish vibe, a youthful clash of rock and roll, preppy, and nerdy employees hipsters.[85]
  • DEBUNKED! The film will be connected with the Gotham TV series.[86]
  • Superman may be in a love triangle with Lois Lane and Wonder Woman. [87]
  • The film is set two years after Man of Steel.[88]
  • Lex Luthor will not only have hair, but it will also be "kind of loose and wavy, and it's dirty blonde." 
  • Speaking of LexCorp, we’ve seen a lot of the outside, but I have some info on the inside as well. I’ve been told it’s “f***ing awesome”. There’s a basketball court in the lobby with a giant 30 foot neon LexCorp industries sign.[89]
  • CONFIRMED The reports of Wonder Woman wearing the pre-new52 jacket and leggings outfit are inaccurate. Completely. The description of the outfit from our source uses the term “badass” on multiple occasions. This Wonder Woman is ripped right from the comics and has a “traditional, yet sleeker” costume that’s “battle ready.” She’ll have a blue leather skirt, silver-armored cuffs that reach to her elbows, golden tiara (with a design of some sort in the center, possibly the red star) and a variation of the traditional-looking red top (no word on additional armor on it). Her overall appearance is described as “Amazon warrior princess” and definitely not an urban reimagining. She’s there to kick ass and that’s readily apparent. Word is that WB is getting a VERY positive response on her appearance to those they’ve shown it to.
  • Batman is said to be a veteran crime fighter that will do anything it takes to get the job done. Superman is a rule follower, so they often don't see eye to eye, which is a consistent dynamic with their initial relationship. As for Batman's usual digs; Wayne Manor is there, but Bruce Wayne chooses to live on the property in a modern-looking cottage by a lake (not a van down by the river, though). Underneath the cottage is a modernized Batcave, which houses a Batwing, along with his other gear (Batmobile, batarangs, etc.).
  • Lex Luther (who is rumored to have longish red hair at the beginning of the film) thinks he is god's gift to humanity and the best that humanity has to offer, which leads to his hatred of Superman. Because Superman is basically a “god” it makes Lex feel less than perfect. Lex tries to sway people to dislike and fear Superman - and many people ARE swayed. Some see Superman as a hero, while others see him as the ultimate threat.[90]
  • Kord Industries, a reference of Joe Shuster called Shuster Street in Metropolis, Thanagar and Hob's Bay will be feature.[91]
  • Themyscira has an embassy in Metropolis.[91]
  • Batman has existed for close to thirty years, which would place Wayne in his 50's. In this version Batman is still an urban legend, a creature of the night, and no one has ever taken his picture. But he's had plenty of adventures, and the Batcave includes a memorial centered around a tattered Robin costume." and "He's a quieter operator, not involved in blockbuster battles but in all sorts of badass vigilantism" & "Wonder Woman has also been in operation for some time before the film begins, and her activities have been just as secretive as Batman's."[92]
  • Lois is engaged with Clark.[93][94]
  • The movie takes place after the death of Jason Todd, which Batman considers his second greatest failure (the first was the creation of Joker).
  • Aquaman is the son of Poseidon and Wonder Woman's cousin.[95]
  • Bruce Wayne as he arrives in Metropolis during the fight between Superman and General Zod from Man of Steel.
  • Superman as we learn that he's now living with Lois Lane and works full-time at The Daily Planet.
  • Clark's being assigned to cover a football game between Metropolis and Gotham City, it appears as if he's actually much more interested in writing about the Caped Crusader.
  • As for Doomsday, General Swanwick apparently, "tells the military that Superman will move the battle away from populated areas because he's a hero, and that's what heroes do."
  • Most people in the movie view Superman as a hero, expect for Lex Luthor (obviously) and Batman, who actually preps anti-Superman weapons.[96]
  • There are 2 fights between Superman and Batman, the first one Superman dominates Bruce but Bruce escapes in the Batmobile, the second is a stalemate.
  • Wonder Woman cannot fly; she has an updated version of the invisible plane (so stealthy, even Superman cannot detect it)
  • Beginning of the film's main story takes place at least 2 years after the events of Man of Steel, after a brief montage of Batman's origin (including a scene with Bruce's parents' murder)
  • The Trinity will battle Doomsday in Metropolis and Gotham.[97]
  • Lex Is Experimenting With Kryptonian Tech.[64][65]
  • Batman Retired Due To Jason Todd's Death.[64][65]
  • it is Superman who goes to Gotham and starts the confrontation… at the behest of Lex Luthor. And unlike The Dark Knight Returns, Superman comes out swinging, pulverizing the Batmobile with one punch. Why would Superman do Lex Luthor’s bidding? What is Lex hoping to accomplish? That would be spoiling. But know that when the fight is over, Batman will be able to point to Superman and say, "He started it![98]


  • It's unknown if Supergirl/Kara Zor-El will be mentioned or appear in this sequel.
  • Jimmy Olsen will make his debut in this film.
  • CONFIRMED Batman will team up with Superman.[99]
  • The Flash, Green Lantern, and Martian Manhunter may be hinted at.
  • The Flash will be appearing.[20]
  • CONFIRMED Bruce Wayne's ally Alfred Pennyworth could appear.[9]
  • James Gordon will be appearing.[9][100][101]
  • CONFIRMED Wonder Woman may appear. [102][103]
  • The love interest for Bruce may be Vicky Vale, Julie Madison, Wonder Woman or Mercy Graves.<ref name="BatmanLoveInterest>Batman Gets A Love Interest in ‘Man Of Steel 2′</ref>[104]
  • Dick Grayson will appear in the film as an older character and astranged from Bruce.[105][106][20]
  • Wonder Woman will appear as a friend of Lois and a love interest of Batman.[107]
  • Wonder Woman could have “cameo plus” type role in the film, on par with what Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow did in Iron Man 2. [77]
  • Batman will be “ a healthy amount of Dark Knight Returns, a bit of Kingdom Come, and just a dash of Batman Beyond.” [77]
  • Jordan's role may be either John Stewart/Green Lantern or Victor Stone/Cyborg.[43]
  • Holly Hunter's role in the film is  Leslie Thompkins, or a Leslie Thompkins replacement character, an Amazon, the owner of the Daily Planet or someone who works with Lex Luthor.[108]
  • Green Lantern will appear.[109]
  • Aquaman, Green Lantern and The Flash will appear in cameos.[110][111]
  • Max Lord and Martian Manhunter will be appearing.[112][113]
  • Tao Okamoto will be playing Mercy Graves.[114]
  • Aquaman may have his blonde hair and will be based from the New 52.[115][116]
  • Aquaman will not have blonde hair, will have a black beard, and retain his armor from the New 52
  • The Flash will appear but Green Lantern won't appear til Justice League.[117]
  • Kahina will appear [46]
  • KGbeast will appear [47]
  • No appearance of The Flash/Barry Allen (but he is hinted at) and no Green Lantern appearence either
  • No Robin is referenced
  • Jena Malone is only playing Bruce Wayne's secretary (named "Carrie" as a nod to Carrie Kelley)
  • Aquaman and Cyborg's cameos are very brief; only showing up at a montage at the end
  • Batman uses a voice changer
  • The vast majority of the gadgets Batman uses are based on the Arkham legacy games by Rocksteady
  • Superman is hated by the public, but saluted by the milirary (the military are the ones who erected the stature of him)
  • Carrie Ferris will return in an unsubstantial role
  • General Swanwick is the only person who truly trusts Superman (outside of Lois Lane and Martha Kent)
  • Martha Kent, Perry White, and Wonder Woman all have fairly small roles


  • Possible villains include Metallo, Bizarro, Brainiac, and Mongul.
  • CONFIRMED Lex Luthor will appear as a Bill Gates-like Lex that is probably worth 50, 60, 70 billion dollars. [118]
  • Metallo could appear in this movie.
  • Callan Mulvey may be portraying Metallo.[119][120]
  • The film will have two villains.[121]
  • Doomsday will be in the film.[122][123]
  • DEBUNKED Edward Nigma/The Riddler will appear. [124]
  • Lex won't be bald.[125]
  • The Joker will appear.[126]
  • When we first see Batman, he will be battling Zsasz.
  • KGBeast will make a cameo.[123]
  • No secondary villain with the exception of KGBeast's cameo (used as Batman's introductory scene in the present)
  • Lex will have an army of Kryptonite-fueled robots (resembling the ED-209s from Robocop)
  • The Joker will be mentioned directly, and several other Batman villains will be referenced in easter eggs.
  • David Cain will be portrayed by Callan Mulvey.[64][65]
  • Brainiac Is The Secondary Antagonist.[64][65]
  • Zod will become Doomsday.[127]


  • DEBUNKED! The Studio are looking at Steve Kloves, Travis Beacham and Lawrence Kasdan as short-list to write the sequel.
  • DEBUNKED! Max Landis is the studio's favorite to write the film.
  • CONFIRMED David S. Goyer will work the film's script.
  • CONFIRMED Man of Steel 2 will be released in 2016. (It will be released May 6, 2016)
  • CONFIRMED Zack Snyder will be back to direct the sequel.
  • DEBUNKED! It will be called Batman vs Superman, “Man of Steel Battle the Knight”, “Man of Steel Beyond Darkness”, “Man of Steel Black of Knight”, “Man of Steel Darkness Falls”, “Man of Steel Knight Falls”, “Man of Steel Shadow of the Night”, “Man of Steel The Blackest Hour”, “Man of Steel The Darkness Within” or "Man of Steel: Fight or Flight".[128][129] (It was confirmed that the film will be titled Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.)
  • Toronto will replace Vancouver as the filming location due to better tax incentives.
  • CONFIRMED Detroit will be use as a sub for Gotham City. [130]
  • Morocco being used as a possible location shot.
  • CONFIRMED Argo screenwriter Chris Terrio has been brought in to rewrite the script.
  • CONFIRMED Hans Zimmer will be scoring the film. 
  • The studio will get another Superman sequel without any other DC characters.[77]
  • CONFIRMED Expect the first look at Ben Affleck in early 2014 right around the time they will start filming in February.[77]
  • CONFIRMED The film is truly a Superman sequel and not a secret Justice League film like everyone suspects.[77]
  • The Batmobile chase scene will be in the summer.[131]
  • CONFIRMED The film will shoot back to back with Justice League.[132][133][134]
  • CONFIRMED! Christopher Nolan has stepped down as executive producer.[135]
  • DEBUNKED! Wonder Woman's costume will be revealed on June 9 along with Superman's and Batman's. (Batman's costume has been revealed on the 13th of May.)[136][137][138][139][140]
  • CONFIRMED! A clip from the film will be shown at this year's comic con.[141]
  • DEBUNKED! The film may be split in two, with part 1 being titled 'Enter The Knight', and will be released 23rd of October ths year. [142]


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